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Looking to ship some furniture? FreightNShipping can provide you with some of the best solutions available in the industry. Our costs are competitive, our transport methods are safe, and our reliability eliminates any doubt about your furniture arriving on time. There is no minimum quantity or required weight to ship your furniture with us. Whether you have an entire household of furniture or just a single item, you will be a valued customer at FreightNShipping.

Discount Furniture ShippingBecause of our ability to negotiate with carriers, we have the opportunity to offer you cheaper rates than most of our competitors, regardless of the size of your shipment. We will provide you with an exact furniture shipping rate based on the type of furniture being shipped and its total weight. If you do not know the weight, we can help you determine an estimate based on your description of the furniture.

Packing Your FurnitureIf you will be packaging your furniture yourself, you will save money on your shipping costs and will prevent any damage to your items during transit. We suggest you prepare your furniture for shipment by placing it in crates or securing it on pallets with bubble wrap and cardboard covering. You can refer to our Packaging Page for some helpful packaging tips. If you prefer to have someone else package your furniture, this can be arranged for an additional fee.

Curb-to-Curb Shipping ServicesMost carriers will only pick up and drop off your furniture outside of your business or residence and typically will not move any furniture to or from the inside of any facility or dwelling. They usually will not perform any packaging of your furniture and any of the carriers who do will likely charge you an additional fee.

Furniture Shipping QuestionsIf you have any questions reguaring furniture shipping please contact us with any questions or concerns.