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An LTL shipment is less than a truckload, weighing specifically less than 4,500 pounds, is less than 12 feet in length, and is stackable.

As our LTL customer, we would like you to be as informed as can be on all the aspects of your service. LTL carriers must routinely configure the most sensible transportation routes in order to make a profit. Our business is making sure you’re offered the best rates possible, along with the most punctual delivery times, despite the carriers’ profitability. On top of everything else, we make certain your goods are delivered safely, professionally, and securely.

We put our agents through a scrupulous training period in which they are made experts in LTL services specifically in order to make your shipping experience quick and efficient. We have worked diligently to streamline our freight shipping process to assist more customers without compromising our customer service. Compare LTL freight shipping quotes from multiple freight shipping companies. At FreightNShipping we handle a multitude of LTL shipments week after week. We offer discount freight shipping services through our substantial freight carrier network. Get started today and fill out a quick quote!