Our Freight Services

At FreightNShipping we offer a variety of freight shipping services, including everything from LTL to intermodal. Our goal is always to provide you with the most competitive rates from our portfolio of top carriers, in addition to the best overall value of customer care and transit times.

At any time throughout your shipping experience, there is an all-inclusive system available to help you stay up-to-the-minute on your shipments. Also, our support team of logistics experts is available seven days a week by phone. No question or concern goes unanswered at FreightNShipping.


Most carriers require that LTL and partial shipments be packaged. In order to make sure you’ve got all your bases covered, FreightNShipping will locate the packaging services nearest to you that offer the best price and service for your particular shipment. As always, your agent can answer any additional questions that may arise.

Additional Insurance

As the amount of insurance coverage can vary from carrier to carrier, FreightNShipping will supply you with any additional insurance you require. Even if you choose to ship through a different freight service, we will still take care of your insurance needs if you wish.